4 Tips to Help You Sell Your Rolex Watches This Valentines’

If you are a Rolex owner, letting go of your watch can be painful unless you are looking out for an upgrade or probably the watch is no longer in fashion.

When you have finally decided to sell it off, pawn shops can help you with the best deals. With the month of love around the corner, watch buyers near Rockville Centre tend to give out Valentines’ offers in the form of a 10% extra cash. So when you have such lucrative deals at hand, why think of anything else?

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While your place to sell is sorted, here are a few things to keep in mind before you let go of your asset.

Check if the band is in good condition

The watchband must be in good shape. Loose or worn off bands can be difficult to sell. A strong band will make you earn more money. Try getting it repaired if you find anything loose. A sturdy band is what buyers will look into as they will want to wear the watch and flaunt it.

Check the dial

A dial with deep scratches or even a crack may not bring in money even if it is ROLEX. Ensure that the dial is in proper condition and that you can see the time well. Also, ensure that the knob is in place and doesn’t fall off. It should be working well with no complaints.

Know the value beforehand

The belt could be made up of precious metals or the dial may have diamonds or other precious stones set on it. Whatever it may be, you must determine the worth of it. The metal or stones could vary in karats and that is what determines the value of the watch that you plan to sell.

Look out for documents

Pawn shops or Rolex buyers tend to ask for documents that came along with the watch initially. It contains all the details without you have to say anything. Check if you have documents with you as it will boost the amount of money you will be receiving.

These are a few things to look out for before you sell your Rolex watch and get quick cash this Valentines’.